Don't Rock The Maroochy

Thank you for looking at our web site.

“Don’t Rock The Maroochy” is a group of concerned locals and visitors to the area who are extremely concerned that the Sunshine Coast Council proposal to replace the existing sand bag groynes at Cotton Tree on the south side of the river mouth with rock walls and possibly building a 200m rock wall groyne seaward, will forever change and destroy the natural beauty and enjoyment of the area.

Our little group come from all walks of life and believe that Maroochydore’s greatest assets are its beaches and natural river. 

We are not for profit, nor politically aligned or driven by any other agenda other than seeking to not destroy what we all enjoy.

Knowledge is power, so we ask you to take the time to read the details we have provided on what has happened so far and why we believe the community needs to let the Sunshine Coast Council know of their concerns and wishes.

So please if you love the Maroochy River and Cotton Tree, take the time to read the information we have provided so you can have a good understanding of what’s at stake and if you don't want to see rock walls of any kind at the mouth of the Maroochy River, please sign our support petition below. 

Retention of sandbag groynes recommended 

Sunshine Coast Daily 4 December 2017

Sunshine Coast Council officers have recommended, in a late report to the council ahead of their final meeting of the year, to retain sandbag groynes at the mouth of the Maroochy River.

The sniff of victory is in the air, but it is not over until the fat lad sings, when the councillors vote in March, 2018.