Council action & Community response

Sunshine Coast Council first advised of what they were considering in late November last year.

  • They held one closed, not very well publicised meeting just before the Christmas/New Year holidays and advised at that meeting that a decision would be made on what to do at the first council meeting after the holidays, Wednesday 25th of January 2017.
  • Despite the issue not being well publicised, many in the community contacted their councillor and advised they we not happy with the process, or the recommendations that were to be voted on, as those options did not include repair/maintain/replace the existing sand bag groynes.
  • As the media began to report on the issue, this public pressure built up and more and more people contacted the councillors telling them that they did not want to see rock walls of any kind built at the mouth of the Maroochy River.
  • Our information is that a number of councillors, in response to community pressure, had come to the conclusion that building a rock wall groyne or replacing the existing sand bag groynes at Cotton Tree with rock was not what a large percentage of the community wanted.
  • At the council meeting on 25th January 2017, councillor Jason O’Pray, a Maroochydore local and councillor for the division, intended to move a motion for an alternate recommendation, which was to leave the Maroochy River mouth as it is and maintain/repair/replace the existing sandbag groynes.
  • For whatever reason, Mayor Jamieson took the extraordinary step of heading off a vote on Councillor O’Pray’s motion and moved a motion of deferral to the 1st June 2017, with the suggestion of better public consultation before a decision is made.