What you can do to help this process

The most effective thing you can do is follow our progress on this web sitE … sign our petition to register your support … and be ready to attend public consultation meetings when they are announced.

  • If you support what we are trying to achieve, we ask that you register your support by signing the change.org petition below
  • When you sign the petition tick the box which says “Keep me updated on this campaign and others from DON'T ROCK THE MAROOCHY” which will allow us to send you email updates of our progress and advise of public consultation meetings when they are announced.
  • I’m sure you realise the more supporters we have for our campaign, the more powerful it is, so please make your friends aware of our web site and encourage them to sign our change.org petition to register their support. 
  • We also ask that you share the social media posts we will be publishing on a regular basis.