Previous Action

And where to from here?

  • “Don’t Rock the Maroochy” believe that more can be achieved by talking with and educating individual councillors about the issue and making them aware of the overwhelming public sentiment that they should continue with the good work being done by the geotextile (sand bag) groynes and not build any rock walls of any description, than forming protest groups and slinging accusations at each other.
  • To this end, we have met with individual councillors, taken them to the area, shown  them how the sand bag groynes are working and pointed out what the community stands to lose if they follow engineer’s recommendations to build rock walls.
  • At these meetings we afforded the councillors the respect we believe they deserve and they in turn showed us they respected us for calmly putting our case to them and for the way we are conducting our campaign.
  • Following these meetings we sent a “Don’t Rock the Maroochy” submission to all councillors and will follow it up with more factual information as it comes to hand.  You can read our submission here.
  • At the end of the day, this matter will be decided by a vote of the councillors and we believe that what we are submitting to them is sufficiently powerful and backed by science, for them to realise that Councillor O’Pray’s proposed motion to leave the Maroochy River mouth as it is and maintain/repair/replace the existing sandbag groynes is the best and most popular with the community course of action.
  • We believe it is now time to provide the community with as much factual information as possible regarding the issue and seek community support, so when public consultation takes place we are ready to show the council how strongly the community is against the idea of rock walls at the Maroochy River mouth. We intend at all times to engage in any public discussion armed with facts based on coastal engineering experience and present our case calmly, but with the strength of large numbers of the community behind us.